Department Officers

North Dakota American Legion Officers

Department Commander
Clarence L. Carroll, III

Mamie Havelka

DEC Chairman
Dan Brown

Department Adjutant
Don Herrly

Department Finance Officer
Derrick Childs

Chaplain Mark AntalDepartment Chaplain
Mark Antal

Dept Sergeant-At-Arms
Bryce Crosby

Department Membership Chairman
Brad Huber

Department Judge Advocate
Trish Hodny


Department Historian
Karen Meier

Service Officer Summer KristiansonDepartment Service Officer
Summer Kristianson


Department Vice Commanders

East Region Vice Commander
Brennan Bell

Central Region Vice Commander
Jacob Volk

West Region Vice Commander
Allan Magnuson

Department Executive Committeemen

East Region DEC
Sven Mickels

Central Region DEC
Troy Reemtsma

Western Region DEC
Mike Weyrauch

National Officers

National Executive Committeeman
Dean Overby

Alternate National Executive Committeeman
Roger Sateren

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