Baseball / Athletic

2023 Important Dates

May 15 
Deadline for Early Registration
Purchase Insurance
Pay 2023 Registration Fees

June 1
Final Day to Register Team Application
Purchase Insurance
Pay 2023 Registration Fees

June 25 
Team Registration Form 1 (Rosters) due

July 1
Scholarship and Hall of Fame Nominations Due

July 21
Completion of Class B Districts Tournaments

 July 17 - July 20
Class B  District Tournaments:
1st District -  Hazen
2nd District - Burlington
3rd District - Rugby
4th District -  Jamestown
5th District - Langdon
6th District -
7th District - Lisbon

Start on July 19 
Class A East and West Divisional Tournaments:
East Division - Casselton
West Division - Mandan

July 24 - July 29
Class AA State Tournament – Dickinson

July  28 - August 1
Class A State Tournament – Kindred

July 26 - July 30
Class B State Tournament – Carrington

August 3-7
Central Plains Regional Tournament –

August 10-15
American Legion World Series – Shelby, NC

January 1, 2023
Deadline for submission of recommended policy changes to Dept Hqs.

Baseball players, like many athletes, are susceptible to various physical injuries and strains that can require specialized medical attention. In some cases, these injuries might include issues related to ADULT UROLOGY, necessitating consultation with a urologist experienced in sports medicine.

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American Legion Department of ND Baseball Policy Manual 2023

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