Pictured from left to right:  American Legion National Commander Paul Dillard  - 2021-2022 Oratorical Winners: 1st Place Ella Weinmann, Abercrombie, 2nd Place, Eva Rykowsky, Mandan, 3rd Place Bailee Pierce, Scranton, 4th Place McKenna Wilke, Cando, Department Commander Steve Anderson and  Department Oratorical Contest Chairman Mike Weyrauch.

2022-2023 Oratorical District/Region/State Contest Schedule

2022-2023 Department High School Oratorical Scholarship Program Rules

2022-2023 Oratorical Poster

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2022-2023 National Official High School Oratorical Scholarship Program Rules

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2022-2023 State, Region and District Oratorical Contest Winners

State Oratorical Winners

1st Place -

2nd Place -

3rd Place -

4th Place -


Eastern Division

1st Place - Casey Kruger, Valley City
2nd Place - McKenna Wilke, Cando

Western Division

1st Place - Eva Rykowsky, Mandan
2nd Place - Malachi Dilse, Scranton


District 1 Oratorical Champion
1st Place - Casey Kruger, Valley City
2nd Place - Madeline Abbott, Fargo, ND
3rd Place - Jora Leeseberg, Hillsboro, ND

District 2 Oratorical Champions
No Contestants

District 3 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - McKenna Wilke, Cando, ND

District 4 Oratorical Champions
No Contestants

District 5 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Eva Rykowsky, Mandan, ND
Sponsored by Bismarck Post #1
2nd Place - Brady Quinn, Wilton, ND
3rd Place - Logan Herman, Bismarck, ND
Sponsored by Linton Post #54

District 6 Oratorical Champions
No Contestants

District 7 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Sigryn Henke, Stanton
Sponsored by Center Post #90
2nd Place - Madison Zimmerman, Elgin
Sponsored by Elgin Post #246

District 8 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Malachi Dilse, Scranton, ND
2nd Place - Maddox Pierce, Scranton, ND
Sponsored by Dickinson Post #3

District 9 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Tayzie Cox, Tioga, ND
2nd Place - Isabelle Crain, Williston, ND
Sponsored by Noonan Post #243
3rd Place - Noah Crain, Williston, ND
Sponsored by Williston Post #37

District 10 Oratorical Champion
1st Place - Grace Martin, Fairmount, ND

District 1 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dave Rice

District 2 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Quinnlyn Thompson

District 3 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dan Stave

District 4 Oratorical Contest

District 5 Oratorical Contest
C0-Chairman Vern Fetch and Karen Meier

District 6 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Heather Thompson

District 7 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Orletta Kilen

District 8 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Kris Fehr

District 9 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Mike Weyrauch

District 10 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Gerald Puetz