2022-2023 State, Region and District Oratorical Contest Winners

State Oratorical Winners

1st Place - Casey Kruger, Valley City

2nd Place - Eva Rykowsky, Mandan

3rd Place - Malachi Dilse, Scranton

4th Place - McKenna Wilke, Cando


Eastern Division

1st Place - Casey Kruger, Valley City
2nd Place - McKenna Wilke, Cando

Western Division

1st Place - Eva Rykowsky, Mandan
2nd Place - Malachi Dilse, Scranton


District 1 Oratorical Champion
1st Place - Casey Kruger, Valley City
2nd Place - Madeline Abbott, Fargo, ND
3rd Place - Jora Leeseberg, Hillsboro, ND

District 2 Oratorical Champions
No Contestants

District 3 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - McKenna Wilke, Cando, ND

District 4 Oratorical Champions
No Contestants

District 5 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Eva Rykowsky, Mandan, ND
Sponsored by Bismarck Post #1
2nd Place - Brady Quinn, Wilton, ND
3rd Place - Logan Herman, Bismarck, ND
Sponsored by Linton Post #54

District 6 Oratorical Champions
No Contestants

District 7 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Sigryn Henke, Stanton
Sponsored by Center Post #90
2nd Place - Madison Zimmerman, Elgin
Sponsored by Elgin Post #246

District 8 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Malachi Dilse, Scranton, ND
2nd Place - Maddox Pierce, Scranton, ND
Sponsored by Dickinson Post #3

District 9 Oratorical Champions
1st Place - Tayzie Cox, Tioga, ND
2nd Place - Isabelle Crain, Williston, ND
Sponsored by Noonan Post #243
3rd Place - Noah Crain, Williston, ND
Sponsored by Williston Post #37

District 10 Oratorical Champion
1st Place - Grace Martin, Fairmount, ND

District 1 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dave Rice

District 2 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Quinnlyn Thompson

District 3 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Dan Stave

District 4 Oratorical Contest

District 5 Oratorical Contest
C0-Chairman Vern Fetch and Karen Meier

District 6 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Heather Thompson

District 7 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Orletta Kilen

District 8 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Kris Fehr

District 9 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Mike Weyrauch

District 10 Oratorical Contest
Chairman Gerald Puetz